Sunday, December 27, 2009

Writer's Block

Life is funny. Life with its curve balls...So, I have writer's block. I haven't written anything on the blog nor anywhere else since I finished my class earlier this month, showing me exactly why I'm getting my masters in the first place. To Write. To do what I love. Something that is all mine. Something that no one can take away or diminish. Something that, is controlled entirely by me. Muy. Me, myself and I.

How seldom do we have things like this in our lives? In this crazy world full of surprises and here is this gift just wasting away. Just waiting for me to do something with it. To hone it. To take it. to make it mine. So I think I'll start. Not like a New Year's resolution or anything because those never work anyway. It's like, the second you say it's a resolution you may as well just admit it's never going to happen. More of a life resolution. A promise to me and the world that I am going to stop making excuses. I'm taking control.

After all, if I can't have control over my own life, at least I can control my character's. Now I just need to get their lives down on paper...I think I'll start now.